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Welcome to CircusKinderfeestje.nl

Since the 1st of januar 2013 in our own theater!


Celebrate your birthday with Circus Kristal!

During your child's party, a real magician will teach some exciting magic tricks and challenging circus skills in our magic theatre! Want to learn some magic at an unforgettable and mysterious children's party? During this exciting magic party you will learn and make your very own magic tricks. You will receive your own magic box which you may decorate yourself with lots of magnificent materials. This magic box is for you, so when the party is over you can take it home to perform your magic tricks. The tricks are adapted depending on age.


A birthday party with Circus!

You could also choose to learn and practise some real circus skills after your magic experience. You can try everything yourself; Chinese plates, diabolo, unicycling, Indian sticks, juggling, tightrope walking, catapult boards, walking on big balls and much more! Meanwhile your parents can stay for coffee or tea, or if they are real daredevils they could even join in!


Your birthday party at home!

We can also bring your magic children's party to your very own home! The only thing you need to provide are tables and chairs.. We'll bring everything else with us!

Circus Op School

Circus at school!

We can also bring smashing magic and circus days to your school! When Circus Kristal is invited to your school, you will not only learn all the different circus skills, but even more magic tricks, blowing bubbles in very special ways and you may even paint your own face! Tell your teacher about it! Want to know more? click here... Circus at school!



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